El Gato Dice was founded in 2009 and currently consists of David Jesitus (guitar, keyboard, vocals), Bob Crews (percussion, video), Blair Switch (bass, vocals) and Justin Vanegas (guitars.) 

2010  UNO 7 track critically acclaimed self-released CD featuring "Hangman Don't Falter"

2013  "Hangman Don't Falter" Periscope Audio remix released, as well as preview "Walk A Mile" acoustic single

2015   DOS 10 track college rock CD is played nationally and charts regionally, featuring "Insatiable" and "Walk A Mile"

2016  "Stop Leaning" acoustic single released featuring Pollyanna Bush

2017  Blair replaces Ugur P'ece on bass

2018  TRES  10 track ambitious pop/rock/glam record featuring charting singles "Tame" and "Someday Soon"

2018  Justin Vanegas is added for live shows

2019  "Tres" single track is the song of the day January 1st, on KXSF

2019  "Nothing" acoustic single released (April), "Half Way" acoustic single released (November)

 2021  The band continues to work on the 7-10 track QUATRO slated for early 2021 release emphasizing a melancholic but rocking  Alt-Americana sound. 

Stay tuned!  March 14, 2021 @ Wu Wei Tea (online)

                    March 27,2021 @ Quaranpalooza (online)