• Formed in 2009 from the remnants of San Francisco's Disbelievers, El Gato Dice consists primarily of Bob Crews (drums) and David Jesitus (guitar and voice.)  Ugur Pece helps out live with bass, Wendell Lee adds keyboards, and Dawn Warfield does alternate vocals.  Bob's North Carolina history (work with Eric from Archers, jam sessions with soon-to-be Polvo folk) led him to this indie rock path.  Dave's past is in the Cleveland scene, where he did surf and shoegaze with Jet Potato and Still Life.  The marriage is a blissful one; graceful, poised, but gritty at the same time.  2010 saw the release of the critically acclaimed "Uno", with key tracks "Hold Still" and "Hangman Don't Falter" heard on Net radio worldwide. Successful shows followed in San Francisco and Palo Alto.  The future will see the band broaden that horizon.  1000's of Jango(radioAirplay) and FB fans worldwide will tell you, El Gato is very now- without dismissing the past.   


  • 2010-2012 were core-building times for El Gato Dice in the eyes of critics and ears of listeners.   Great press rolled in (Rising Magazine, The Music Feed), the blogs were ablaze (SPI Music), and the band could regularly be heard on internet radio shows worldwide.  They graced the airwaves in New York (LRS), London (Off The Chart Radio), and many places in between.  In October they were featured on TMG Indie radio and talked to fans nationwide live.  This experience led to somewhat of a rebirth, with the band making plans to create Uno's follow-up.  Dos is on the horizon and it changes everything.  


  • 2013 Ugur Pece officially joins the ranks on bass in the now epic sessions that are to create "Dos"
  • January 2013 saw an interesting collaberation between El Gato and Periscope Audio (Iowa City) for the first of what we hope to be many mixes and remixes of material old and new.  Robot Envy is on board too- that's the studio where it all began.  
  • November 2013 David records acoustic "Walk a Mile" and "Clean" with Sam at Robot Envy.  "Walk a Mile" proceeds to go to Burning Man!  What?!  Courtesy of Patrick at RelaxFreeRadio.  It's also a regular feature on Coast2Coast Mix Tapes radio.  Momentum is building and the writing continues.  What was planned to be a 5 song EP has now nearly doubled.  Dos is coming.


  • 2014 writing, rehearsal, writing, rehearsal. It's better than it sounds on paper.


  • May 2015 Dos is released.  See track list below
  • July 2015 Dos is added to college radio playlists at Stanford, Cal, Hawaii, Arizona, Case Western, John Carroll, Ohio Northern, Cleveland State and charts on KZSU
  • Summer 2015 outstanding press via NeuFutur (82/100), KAMP, Indie Band Guru, etc.
  • August 2015-July 2016 the band plays multiple shows in SF and Oakland with highlights being a sold out Amnesia (2x) and B.O.T.H support of Sub Pop's Kyle Craft
  • July 2016 the band begins work on TRES
  • September 2016 Ugur relocates and is replaced by SF's Alexis Blair (Kessel Run, "The Red Shades") in 2017 on bass.  She makes her debut at the sold out Cymbals Eat Guitars show.
  • March 2017 Marin's talented Pollyanna Bush lends her vocals to multiple tracks on Tres
That brings us to present day.  The band is still completing the ten track TRES.  It promises to offer higher highs than Dos, with lead singles "Tame" and "Stop Leaning"
already in rotation on some extraterrestrial radio.  A full college radio onslaught is set for summer of 2018 as well as shows littering the west coast.  Gato.  Litter.  See what we did there?
Well, stay tuned.  We got a million more.

Contact Bob or David on FB facebook.com/elgatodice

Twitter  @ElGatoDiceUSA
Email davejesitus@gmail.com
or hire a Skywriter.  Whatever it takes. 




Hangman Don't falter
New Found Stranger
Hold Still
Hating It Now
Kick Yourself
Brick Figures
Walk A Mile
So Say
Walk A Mile
Rain Song
In Defense
Walk A Mile acoustic
Simplest Design
Stop Leaning
Hay No Hoy
Alright Already
Keep A Fire
Someday Soon
Bonus Life
all titles self-produced and self-released (C) and (P) David Jesitus/EGD Music 
                   ASCAP 4270940  IPI 753260647