El Gato Dice dates back to 2009, when Bob Crews and David Jesitus were in a post-punk project in SF that needed a reboot. David dusted off some old punk and shoegaze tracks he had in his arsenal, and Bob folded in his parts. Suddenly a new band was born. They recorded “Uno”, a 7 track EP, in Berkeley in 2010 and played locally with bassist Ugur Pece.  It was a little bit Smiths, a little bit Superchunk. Nice.    Photo-2010Band, CoHo, CoHoUgur

Life invariably happened and the gang took 2011 and 2012 off.  But it wouldn’t go away. A 2012 radio interview (TMG Indie Network) reignited the fire live, on-air. In 2013 David went back to Berkeley to create the acoustic “Clean” and “Walk A Mile” tracks and the response was excellent. So Ugur joined full time and “Dos” was worked on 2014-2015 and released summer 2015.  This led to college radio, great press, and shows upon shows.  Probably the biggest show was in support of Sub Pop’s Kyle Craft at the Bottom of the Hill in 2016.     Photo-RawPromo, Plough, Trio2015, Milk

Life happened again.  Ugur relocated and Alexis Blair stepped in on bass for another nice opening gig (Cymbals Eat Guitars), and just like that- they’re off and running.  Summer 2018 sees the release of the ambitious 10 track “Tres”, with lots of pop, punk, glam, garage, and other unidentified ingredients.  “Tame” is the lead single,  offering a glammed-up west coast indie rock sound.   Pop singles “Stop Leaning” and “Someday Soon” wait in the wings.  Get ready Bay Area and beyond.  Get ready California.  Get ready nationwide college radio, for “Tres” is already upon us.  And the cat says “look out!”